Foot Glide® Balm Blister Resister®

Solution for irritation and rubbing that causes chafing, blisters and raw skin

Foot Glide® Balm Blister Resister®

Foot Glide® Balm Blister Resister®

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Wear your favorite footwear!
And wear it with hours of protection from rubbing.

How it works

Feet look and feel great because of an invisible, easy to apply, non-greasy, plant-derived barrier against rubbing that causes blisters, hot spots and raw skin. It goes on right from the tube, and later it washes off. It’s great for dryness and cracking, or when humidity is at an all time high.

The original anti-blister stick™

It’s ideal for athletic and dress shoes, and for women, it’s great with all your favorites: flats, strappies, sandals, boots, heels, even stilettos! This comfortable formula helps prevent dryness and cracking, and it helps feet look and feel great, all day long!

Optimized Skin Protection

We formulate our products to help stop trouble, so that you can wear your favorite footwear, run better without worrying about your feet and skin, ride without fear of saddle sores, and whatever you do, move about with confidence. We combine high viscosity plant-based ingredients that allow you to perspire and your skin to breathe, and because we don’t use oils, lanolin or messy petroleum, our technically advanced formulas are not slimy, goopy or wet. Our balms are for rubbing, dryness and cracking, and to help keep your skin looking and feeling great. Our anti-pain balm, like all our formulas, is uniquely formulated for maximum comfort and relief over extended periods of time.

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