Born under the California sun, made to keep you active.
Since 1996.

Born under the California sun, Body Glide® original formula was made to shoot the curl with glorious abandon, run beaches and bike coasts, climb mountains and hike deep into forests. To do whatever we wanted – for a moment of freedom.

Since our beginnings in 1996, Body Glide® products have gained a loyal following with athletes to keep their skin protected and their performance secured. It soon became clear that the first Body Glide® balm wasn’t just for a select few: it was for every one of us who wants to be active. From surfing to the simple act of playing with our kids, Body Glide® balms help us all to be active and inspires us to walk a block, hike a trail, climb a hill, swim an ocean — to keep us going near and far, and to ride the wave of life free of fear, free of pain, and free to be the brave hero we want to be.

So remind yourself of what you already know: No Waves, No Glory. You are the one you are waiting for.

You Got This®

Prevention is better
than a cure®

Prevention is easier, faster, and costs less than buying first aid supplies and waiting for recovery. The risk of rubbing is that it wears away your skin. A little may not matter much, but minor irritation can advance to chafing, blisters, raw skin, and sometimes an open wound. You can even be left with scarring. In the worst cases your body can become open to infection. Stopping skin irritation before it starts is the best way to control risk, maintain healthy skin and stay pain free. It’s why more people turn to Body Glide® products.

Man Running
Photo Credit Reese Brown

Stop Trouble
Before it Starts®

It’s particularly assuring to know that most often one application does the trick and can last all day.

Life Moves®

Body Glide® products give you confidence to go about what you want to do, to wear your favorite shoes and clothes in all kinds of weather, walking down the street, at work, at play, in extremes of heat and cold, humidity or dryness, from the desert to the sea, at high altitudes, and even under water.


Our customers have made Body Glide® the respected brand it is, today. It has spread far and wide mostly through word of mouth. For that we say, “thank you!”