The United States of America’s vast size lends to its amazing diverse culture. From the beaches of California, to the metropolitan lifestyle of the East Coast and everything in between, there is no better way to explore America than on a bicycle.

Here are 10 routes across the U.S. that embody the American spirit:

Road to Hana

  1. Road to Hana (Maui, Hawaii)

Distance: 105 Mile (Loop)
Climb: Hilly Throughout

The Road to Hana is a peaceful but challenging ride around the island of Maui that starts in the village of Paia. This loop takes you through green forests, dry lands and hugs the coast with incredible views. Expect the unpredictable and come prepared with plenty of water and a good windbreaker.

Pro tip: Stop at Hana Paradise Farms Stand for banana bread and grab lunch at Huli Huli Chicken


  1. Palomar Mountains (San Diego, California)

Distance: 12 Miles (To Peak)
Climb: 4000’

This tough bike ride up the Palomar Mountains is a furious climb which includes numerous switchbacks and twists that are challenging for all. Starting from Hwy 76, the route runs through lush vegetation and has magnificent views of the Pacific Ocean and the San Clemente Island.

the strand bike path

  1. The Strand (Los Angeles, California)

Distance: 22 Miles (One Way)
Climb: Flat

The Strand is a leisurely bike that stretches from Torrance Beach to Will Rogers State Beach. This path offers views of the Pacific Ocean and is dotted with numerous attractions like the Santa Monica Pier and the Boardwalk in Venice.

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

  1. Crater Lake Rim Route (Oregon)

Distance: 33 Miles (Loop)
Climb: 4000’

Aptly named to Bicycling Magazine’s “Dream Rides” list, the Crater Lake Rim Route is a hilly ride with few stretches of flat road. This scenic ride wraps around the entirety of Crater Lake making for the perfect summer ride.

colorado river ride

  1. Colorado River Ride (Moab, Utah)

Distance: 33 Miles (One way)
Climb: Flat

Starting in the world famous Arches National Park, this route follows a portion of the Colorado River that passes various points of interests including a climbing spot, rock art, and dinosaur tracks. This flat ride is enjoyable for all skill levels.

Pro tip: Mountain bike through the Whole Enchilada; one of the finest and toughest spots in the world to traverse.

Vail Pass (Vail, Colorado)

  1. Vail Pass (Vail, Colorado)

Distance: 41 Miles (One way)
Climb: 2100’

From Breckenridge to the top of Vail Pass, this route takes you through mountains and canyons on the only fully paved bike route in the Colorado Mountains. While the route starts flat, it gradually increases in difficultly with three switchbacks towards the peak.

Willow City Loop (Fredericksburg, Texas).jpg

  1. Willow City Loop (Fredericksburg, Texas)

Distance: 55 Miles
Climb: Hilly Throughout

During the wildflower season (March-May), the city of Fredericksburg is covered with thousands of bluebonnets and other blossoming flowers. Starting in Marktplatz, the Willow City Loop is the best way to enjoy the route of offers easy climbs and breathtaking views.

lakefront trail

  1. Lakefront Trail (Chicago, Illinois)

Distance: 18 Miles
Climb: Flat

Hugging Lake Michigan, this route traverses many areas of Chicago: beaches, parks, museums, the Navy Pier, and Soldier Field. While not the most strenuous route on this list, it does offer quite a few attractions.

Katy Trail (Missouri).jpg

  1. Katy Trail (Missouri)

Distance: 237 Miles
Climb: Flat

This historic bike route covers most of the state of Missouri and is on the site of the former MKT train line. It follows the America Discovery Trail and Lewis and Clark’s route to discover the west.

Pro tip:  Stay at Cruce’s Cabooses, a pair of restored train cars transformed into B&B’s.

Hudson River Greenway

  1. Hudson River Greenway (Manhattan, New York)

Distance: 11 Miles
Climb: Flat

The Hudson River Greenway is part of the larger 31 mile Manhattan Waterfront Greenway. Starting in Battery Park, this route covers the western portion of Manhattan and ends at the George Washington Bridge. This popular destination is very busy during the summer months so start early to enjoy the views.

Pro tip: Stop at Dinosaur’s Bar-B-Que on 126th Street for the finest BBQ in NYC.

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