If you are on regular duty or keep a “go bag”, Body Glide® balms can save your skin, especially when you can’t afford to stop. If you save life and property in law enforcement, fire and EMT units, the military, public health, and more, professionals like you have been using our anti chafing and blister balms for years.


Our anti chafing and blister prevention balms have been used since the ‘90s in police academies, under bunker gear worn by fire fighters, to protect feet in the forest service, and daily by Seals, operators and regular troops in training and down range. Body Glide® balms work for them, and you can use them for daily protection, too.


Our balms are clean, dry, made with plant waxes, so they stay where applied. This makes them ideal for irritating and painful friction caused by uniforms, body armor, under collars, where gun belts rub hips, under straps and bras, in the groin, to protect feet from blisters- anywhere and everywhere.


Emergencies happen. You don’t get to choose where or when. You need to be ready. Our balms are used in extreme heat and humidity, under water, and where it’s dry and way below freezing. Wherever your job takes you, take our Body Glide® anti chafing and blister prevention balms. They pack tight.

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