Having a consistent routine can drastically improve the quality of your workouts. Since running is one of the most common forms of exercise, it’s important to understand how to prepare for a solid run. We’ve compiled some tips to improve your overall health and knowledge of daily running.

Choose the right gear

With changes in weather, temperature and terrain, choosing the right gear before you leave will make your run a lot more enjoyable.  Do you need a jacket?  Should you run in pants or shorts?  Click here for a great place to start when selecting an outfit for your next run.  As you get used to running in different conditions you will have a better idea of what clothing works best for you.

Plan out your pace

Running starts with patience. Your body has to work up to a certain speed and rhythm that works for you. Finding your ideal running pace can be hard, so that’s where a running pace calculator comes in handy. Use this tool to help determine a comfortable pace that helps you reach your fitness goals while improving your long-term endurance. Starting out slow is the best way to become an avid runner. Before you know it, you’ll have times you never thought you were able to reach.

Have a fun playlist

Music is an awesome way to motivate yourself to workout and enjoy it. Search for genres you like, then from there find an artist that pumps you up to workout. Some streaming services have pre-made workout playlists for you – all you have to do is hit play. In a recent study, Brunel University Professor, Costas Karageorghis stated that performance can increase up to 15 percent while listening to music. It can also help distract you from anything else that might be going on around you, like a loud gym or maybe just the to-do list floating around in your head. Zone out and have fun!

Warm Up

It is easy to lace up your shoes and run out the door without giving a second though to warming up, but a good warm up can help keep you injury free and running longer.  Use these ideas for a quick, 5-minute, warm up to get your body ready for your next run.

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