Body Glide® blister prevention and anti chafing products are kid-friendly and offer advantages over lotions, messy salves, and jellies that are goopy and uncomfortable. Our balms are invisible on skin, and stay where they are applied. Body Glide® balms are gentle on even the most sensitive skin, help nourish and moisturize cracked skin, and help keep kids protected while they play. Shop Now


Playing and staying active and free from injury, including skin injuries, is essential for helping kids grow up healthy. Chafed skin from skin-on-skin rubbing, clothing, and other irritants can make kids say, “No way!” Body Glide® balms are comfortable, invisible barriers for kids’ feet and bodies that are vulnerable to being rubbed the wrong way.


Plant-derived ingredients and moisturizers go into Body Glide® formulas. Tested by licensed, independent laboratories, they are skin safe for even the most sensitive skin types and hypoallergenic. There are no animals ingredients and are never tested on animals.


As kids grow in size, their shoe and clothes sizes change, too. Body Glide® balms help along the way, particularly when shoes and clothes get a little tight. Unlike lotions, salves, and jellies, Body Glide® balms aren’t messy, and they can help keep kids comfortable from one size to the next.

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