Of course you keep your medicine cabinet stocked with the usual suspects: bandages, first aid creams, pain relievers, sunscreen, bug spray, and the like. But if your medicine cabinet is missing Body Glide® brand anti-chafing balms, you’re missing out on essential protection.


Though we began as a chafing solution for high-level athletes, it quickly became clear to us that Body Glide balms are an every body solution for everyday causes of skin irritation and a must-have for medicine cabinets. From head-to-toe, our balms keep your skin soothed and chafe-free.


Our specially formulated hypoallergenic balms are made from natural, plant-based ingredients and don’t contain any oils, lanolins, or petroleums that can irritate sensitive skin. And unlike baby powders or goopy petroleum jellies, Body Glide stays on for hours of skin protection from irritation and chafing.


Most health professionals will tell you, a little bit of prevention is worth more than a cure. Creating a strong barrier between skin and irritants before pain and discomfort start is the most effective way to prevent blistering and broken skin that can lead to infection, and unsightly rashes. Having our balms on hand in your medicine cabinet for preventative use before activities that cause chafing can thwart bigger problems down the line.

Always keep Body or For Her blams in your home. And for all other activities keep Outdoor or Skin Glide balms on hand!!

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