A delivery driver brings us boxes filled with; dinosaur shaped taco holders (a.k.a the TriceraTaco – it is a thing), records, groceries, and everything in between.  They are the final piece that allows us to shop without leaving the comfort of our own homes.  But, bringing us our valued packages can take a toll.

Wearing uniforms made from rough materials, carrying packages up and down flights of stairs, working in heat & humidity, and jumping in and out of the truck all day can lead to painful chafing and blisters.  And.. when it is your job to deliver goods, you can’t let those things slow you down.

Whether you get blisters or chafed skin, don’t let pain ruin your day.  Instead, use the tips below to keep skin from being rubbed the wrong way before you have a problem.  Prevention is better than a cure.

  • Apply the Body Glide® product that works best for you.
    • Foot Glide® balm works great to prevent rub marks and blisters on your feet.
    • Body can be used anywhere you might chafe (in between thighs, under arms, in the groin area, under bras, etc.)
    • Skin Glide® cream, the only cream version, can be used in places where a stick is hard to get (in between toes, in between butt cheeks, etc.)
    • For Her™ balm is great for sensitive skin or sensitive areas due to its added moisturizing ingredients.
  • If your company allows it, wear light weight materials that allow air flow.  Having clothes that breathe can reduce excess sweating known to increase chafing.
  • Find shoes/boots that fit your feet and minimize rub spots.  Break shoes in before wearing them all day.
  • Take breaks, when you have a chance.  Stretch and air out when you can.
  • Carry an extra pair of socks.  Keeping your feet dry will decrease the chance of blisters.

Are you a delivery driver?  Did we miss any key tips?  Share your experiences and suggestions with us in the comments section below.


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