New Shoes Blisters

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a new pair of shoes. Whether it be hiking boots, cleats, running shoes, heels or flats – here are our tips to help protect your feet from getting those awful blisters from your new pair of shoes.

An Ounce of Prevention…

Taking care of your feet and choosing a shoe size that fits properly is vital in stopping blisters before they have a chance to start. Always moisturize and take proper care of your feet. While some people think that developing a callus is your body’s natural way of protecting your feet, the opposite is actually true. Calluses can leave feet more prone to blistering. Choose the right size shoe and avoid shoes that don’t fit right out of the box. 

After finding the perfect size take some time to break them in before heading out on the town or on a run! Be sure to wear your new shoes around the house for a few hours before stepping outside. Breaking in your shoe will reveal potential hot-spots – areas are uncomfortable or painful, that could lead to painful blisters and chafing later.

Prevent New Shoe (& Sandal) Blisters

Apply Foot Glide® balm to hot spots or areas that you expect to be irritated. The balm reduces friction between your shoe and your skin allowing both to move freely without irritating your skin. After applying Foot Glide® balm wear moisture-wicking socks. These types of socks draw moisture away from your toes, keeping your feet dry and allowing them to breathe. Keeping your feet sweat and friction-free while using Foot Glide® balm is one of the easiest ways to prevent blisters from new shoes.

Summer is a little trickier especially since flip-flops are quick to cause blisters (who really wants to wear moisture wicking socks with sandals?!). Due to the shape of the sandal and the materials used to produce it, sandals can often cause blisters that are tough to avoid unless you ditch the whole flip or flop. Foot Glide® balm is perfect for summer – apply between your toes for thong sandals and over your foot and on your heel for slides to keep your feet blister-free all summer long. 

There really is nothing quite as “feel-good” as breaking in a new pair of shoes — that is until you discover the shoes are breaking you instead. There are many reasons why you could end up with blisters from your new shoes, but there are also ways to avoid trouble before it starts. Use Foot Glide® blam anytime you are breaking in a new pair of shoes and your feet will thank you later!

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