Foot Blisters – Who To Blame?

Foot blisters are an all too common occurrence for many people around the world. These type of blisters can occur from any repetitive movement, or source of friction whether it be- walking, running or exercising. The abrasion from these movements then causes the outermost layer of skin to separate from the other inner layers leading to a pocket that the body then fills with fluid.

But what is to blame for these nuisances? Shoes? Socks? Or some other factor?

  • Shoes?:
    • Poorly fitting shoes are often seen as a source of blister formation, and they very well may be. Shoes that fit too small can cause blisters, calluses, runner’s toe, and many more problems. Shoes that are too large allow the foot to move too much while running which causes unnecessary rubbing on areas of the foot known as “hot-spots” that can result in blisters and calluses forming.
    • Anyone who puts a lot of miles on their shoes – whether through work or high impact exercises like running – need to take extra care in finding the right fit. When the shoe’s fit is as good as it can be, “hot-spots” are minimized and friction is reduced. Yet, as often is the case even the best fitting shoes can cause blisters.
  • Socks?:
    • Socks are also seen as a source of blister formation. Wearing cotton socks, in particular, can make the potential for blister formation much worse in comparison to wool or synthetic socks because cotton socks absorb sweat. This only serves to keep your feet damp for extended periods which then exacerbates blister formation.
    • Taking care to choose the right socks can do wonders to prevent foot blisters from forming. But even the most advanced moisture-wicking sock can still cause those unsightly and painful blisters to form.

So what is the real culprit here?

  • Friction!
    • Science says that it is not the socks or the shoes you wear but actually friction the friction between the two and your feet that is to blame for foot blisters.
    • Repetitive motions like those that occur while running cause friction to occur. This friction coupled with the moisture from sweating is the main culprit and cause of foot blister formation.

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