In the United States, millions of adults suffer from a joint ailment known as runner’s knee. Runner’s knee most often occurs through chronic activities like running or playing sports that involve a lot of jumping and sprinting, or merely from getting older. The knee, which is the largest and most complex joint of the body, is a very common area for individuals to feel and develop pain. Often described as a “wear and tear” injury of the weight-bearing joint, the constant repetitive motions from running puts stress on the cartilage and lining of the muscle where the tissue connects to the bone.

Runner’s Knee Pain Relief

There is really no cure for runner’s knee or patellofemoral pain syndrome- PFPS for short. The goals of treating the chronic pain associated with PFPS include pain and stiffness management, as well as joint mobility improvement. PFPS is considered a chronic ailment and as such doctors suggest forms of therapy like weight control, supportive devices and in rare cases medication and surgery. But contrary to popular belief, most relief for PFPS can be found in simple stretching and warming up of the affected area coupled with mild exercise. Proper care of the affected area before and after exercise is crucial to alleviating the pain associated with runner’s knee.

Body Glide® Relief balm is a special sport and muscle balm formulated for knee pain relief as well as any and all sources of muscle stiffness and pain. The ingredients in Body Glide®’s Relief balm form a heating and cooling sensation in the area of application that serves to dull the pain receptors and draw blood to the affected area relieving pain almost immediately. Apply before and after your workout to quickly alleviate discomfort from runner’s knee and keep the pain at bay.

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