Active or retired, Body Glide® balms are in exchanges, ideal in training, great for PT, and have been going down range for many years. They are versatile skin protectants that hold up in extreme conditions. Like you, they are very protective.


Body Glide® balms work in all conditions, in extreme desert heat, jungle humidity, Arctic cold, with no mess on your hands or transfer to your weapons. Use our balm against chafing caused by body armor and uniforms, blisters from boots, and skin rubbed anywhere.


Body Glide® balms are dry to the touch, and made with plant-based ingredients to stay and work where you put them. Used by Seals, and snipers who can’t move for days, the Original Anti-blister, Anti-chafing balm has no fragrance or odor, and its wetsuit safe.


Body Glide® balms pack tight and travel well. They are packaged for easy application. Put them on before trouble, or to cover skin that’s been rubbed, and you’re good to keep going.

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