The Coronavirus pandemic has paralyzed the world, but not everyone has slowed down.  As we limit social interaction to stop the virus’ spread, friends, neighbors and millions of people we’ve never met are working 12, 18 and some are working 24 hour shifts to care for our health and keep us safe.  Truly essential workers are nurses, doctors, EMTs and other first responders, and more who are grocers, pharmacists, and farmers.

Suddenly, people who are essential, and not, routinely wear masks to protect themselves, each other and us – and the types and styles range from simple to multi-layered masks, homemade to surgical, KN95s, and N95 respirators.

We see the effects of masks in the pictures of doctors, nurses and others on the front lines.

As they breathe, masks trap heat and moisture. Pressure from the fabric and straps needed to make masks effective, rubs, even scrapes cheeks, noses, behind ears, chins and foreheads. Rubbing wears away the skin and it stings, burns, causes red rash in mild cases, and in others it leads to swelling, bleeding, and opens the possibility of infection.

How do we know this?  Since 1996, we’ve been helping runners, sports teams, the US military and people around the world reach and maintain peak performance.  For nearly 25 years, our technically advanced products have offered a way to stop chafing and skin irritation before it starts . . . it’s what we do!

When nurses, doctors and EMTs familiar with our products reached out to us for a reliable, fragrance free, pocket size, easy to use formula to help protect their faces against chafing from masks, our team got right to work.  We went from concept to production to approval by chiefs of nursing and infectious disease control and onto the faces of hospital and other frontline workers fast… in ten (10) days.

Face Glide™ is the ONLY anti-chafing protective balm of its kind, specially formulated for facial use, and we need your help to spread the word and get the product into the hands of people you may know – frontline workers who need it!  Please share with those you know and purchase for anyone who can use it.  Institutions and government should contact us directly. In most cases, we’ll cover the shipping!


Bill Sternoff
Body Glide®

“Health care worker in a Retirement/Assisted Living Facility and was having serious issues with long term mask usage and my very sensitive skin. The problems kept getting worse. Luckily, I stumbled on your product after Googling about skin sensitivity and masks.  Ordered 3 tubes and it (is an) extraordinary product. Wished I could have purchased some for everyone at work but budget prohibited. My skin is not chafed or irritated since I began using the product. Here in Western Massachusetts, we are experiencing high levels of infection so hours long use of masks is necessary.  Thank you a convenient, compact package and a wonderful product. The incredible quick shipping was an extra gift!” – Darby Sheehan (Apr 21, 2020)

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