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How Do Body Glide® Skin Protectant Balms Work?

How Do Our Body Glide® Skin Protectant Balms Work?

People who were troubled by blisters and chafing often tell us our balms make a difference in their daily lives. Some say our solutions are “magical”, and it’s nice to hear. But, though they might work like magic, it’s not a bunch of hocus pocus. So how do they work?

Targeted Protection

We’ve formulated the Body Glide family of anti-blister, anti-chafing products to go on right where you need them. Many are in a convenient stick that makes them easy to swipe on, in seconds. And we admit that anti-friction Skin Glide® Balm is a bit magical, as it quickly transforms from a light cream, to a soft and silky barrier for hard to reach places like between the toes and between skin folds. When you can count on protection being in the right place, when you need it, that’s peace of mind, second to none.

How Do Our Body Glide® Skin Protectant Balms Work? | Support

Stop The Rubbing Before It Stops You

On a sunny day, do you wear sunglasses to keep the bright light out of your eyes? If it’s loud — like at a concert — are you inclined to soften it a bit with earplugs? Or if it’s cold, are you likely to put on a nice, warm coat to keep the cold air out? Similarly, Body Glide balms are protective, working much the same way as those sunglasses, earplugs, or winter coat, providing an invisible barrier to help protect skin from the effects of rubbing.

Rubbing causes friction that wears down skin, causing irritation and chafing, and worse. Body Glide balms work by forming an invisible barrier between skin and what rubs it. Our solutions reduce friction, and uniquely moisturize and lubricate skin. Clothing, even skin itself, “glides” over adjacent skin that could, otherwise, be rubbed raw.

Natural Ingredients

Among naturals, some ingredients are much better than others, and since starting almost two decades ago, we’ve used the best. They are plant-derived, and they include consistently dependable waxes that form the best natural topical skin protectants you can get for skin. We have never used petroleum, no mineral oil, no lanolin, or any animal products or animal testing. It’s not the Body Glide way.

What this means is that our balms aren’t messy, goopy, or greasy like lotions, salves and butters — concoctions that block pores, clog skin pores that need to breath to cool the body, and that slide atop and easily rub away from places where you need protection.

Our solutions are just the opposite.

Body Glide® balms don’t bock pores; they let skin breath so the body will cool, and they stay where you apply and need them, usually without need for reapplication. They apply smooth and fast, in seconds, for hours of protection against what would otherwise rub, irritate and chafe your skin.

Keep Skin Healthy

Our balms don’t just protect skin from rubbing that injures skin, causing irritation and chafing. They also help moisturize skin to keep it healthy and feeling good.

How Do Our Body Glide® Skin Protectant Balms Work? | Support

So no, our anti-chafing balms aren’t magic, but they are the solution you need to help keep your skin free irritation, rash, chafing, and blisters that are caused by rubbing. Please share your own stories about how Body Glide balms have worked for you in the comments.

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