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Cycling Saddle Sores Prevention

NO WET DIAPER FEELING Whether yours is a road, trail, triathlon, BMX or other kind of bike, you don’t want painful, burning saddle sores, and Chamois Glide® balm is your clean, dry, non-messy solution. It’s made with natural waxes derived from plants. It applies to your chamois, skin and shorts and elite cyclists around the world rely on it for their century rides. It’s even used by riders to protect feet walking their mountain bikes up hill. And unlike messy butters and creams, Chamois Glide® balm isn’t wet. It stays where you apply it – invisible protection you can always count on. RIDE LONGER WITHOUT STOPPING


You can ride longer with Chamois Glide® balm. The technically advanced formula has the highest viscosity, working harder, longer and reducing the need for reapplication. You ride longer without stopping.


It glides on and lubricates. Unlike other products, Chamois Glide® balm has no oils, water or petroleum (petrolatum), It feels dry, so you won’t feel as though you are riding in a wet diaper. RIDE MORE


Whether you’re riding down a mountainside, going cross-country, or commuting to work, you’ll appreciate how Chamois Glide® balm protects against saddle sores and gives you the confidence to ride more often.

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