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Don’t let rubbing from clothing, skin on skin, or shoes prevent you from wearing your favorite outfit, playing with your kids, or taking a walk.
Body Glide balms create a protective barrier between your skin and skin rubbing irritants to keep you chafe and blister free.
So… apply Body Glide balms, before you have a problem, and live a day free from chafing and blisters… Every day!

Stop Trouble Before It Starts™

Stop Trouble Before It Starts™


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Used this product while attending a three day huge trade show in Vegas. each morning i applied it to my feet at the places that i knew that day’s shoes would rub. At the end of the day no rubbing. No blisters. Happy Feet! Now i use it every day at work when i know i’ll be on my feet a lot. Love this product for every day use.

I can not say how much I like this product. I don’t like to wear socks but love to walk. Usually end up with blisters and end up with bandaids all over my feet. This product is amazing. I intentionally tried it out on a pair of shoes that I knew rubbed in on spot. Walked 2 miles before I started to feel it. Back to buy a travel size so I can reapply. Thank you for giving me the freedom of walking again.

Arrived today, and used immediately so I could wear my favorite denim shorts without any problems. Worked great! Walked around all day running errands and such and no rubbing occurred! Not to mention I live in the midwest and chose the free shipping at checkout late Thursday night, and it was already here from WA by Saturday morning! Great product and service! Definitely buying again!

I got Body Glide off of Amazon instead of directly from the website, but I wanted to express on the website how happy I am with the product. I have extremely thick thighs, and I have never been able to wear dresses or skirts or shorts without getting huge rashes and blisters from the chaffing, so I’ve always worn tights or leggings underneath (which gets too warm in the Summer). I can now proudly say I am regularly wearing shorts and skirts and dresses now that I have Body Glide. Thank you so much for saving my thighs from the pain, and restoring my confidence to be able to wear the clothes I want to without worrying about chaffing. My boyfriend loves seeing me in shorts, and now he gets to see me in shorts all the time. Thank you.

I am very active and have always struggled with blisters on my ankles/feet. It can be extremely annoying and I have used medical tape, duct tape, band aids etc. to try to alleviate this in the past. They all work for a while, but I inevitably end up with a blister. I decided to give the Body Glide Original Anti-Chafe Balm a try and I picked up stick at an REI about a month ago. I have been using it ever since and I have not had one blister where i applied the balm. This stuff is awesome and I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone that has to deal with blisters/chafing, thanks Body Glide!

I used Body Glide when I’m going out to the store and sitting around the house. I needed to buy a product that help with moisturizing my chafed skin under and between my breast. I have been using this product for two weeks now and my dryness, peeling skin, discoloration is clearing up slowing. Only one complaint I have it does not stop you from sweating. I feels greasy to the touch, I am a plus size woman and I wear a 46DD cup bra. I bought this product to stop myself from sweating and my skin from chaffing on my breasts. I plan to continue to use this in the future because it works. Thanks BODY GLIDE!

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