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Don’t let chafing or blisters be the difference between a good performance and a mediocre one.
Body Glide balms create an invisible barrier between your skin and skin rubbing irritants (clothing, shoes, skin on skin, gear) to keep you chafe and blister free.
Our long lasting formulas go on easy, never feel wet or greasy, are clothing, footwear, and gear safe.  Use Body Glide balms and let nothing slow you down.

Endurance Insurance™

Endurance Insurance™

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Glide is excellent to stop blisters and chafing. I love to hike and I was very impressed from Glides performance. I did not get blisters or have any chafing – the fact that I only had to apply once was a big plus.

Being a competitive cyclist, I spend many hours on the saddle. I got accustomed to frequent saddle sores. This product saves me! It works, and it doesn’t have a gross greasy liquidy texture that all the other saddle sore products have.

I love this product. I started using it after reading a review on a runner’s blog and this stick works tiny miracles on my body. Last thursday I forgot to use it on a 5mile (short) run and immediatly my skin got torn open by my sportsbra. So…Today as I run the biggest event in running (Dam-tot-Damloop 10 miles) in Europe I will definately not forget to use this amazing little miracle worker. Love this balm. Go buy it if you haven’t already. You won’t regret it.

I want to say that body glide was part one of a 3 part system that allowed me to hike 1400 miles of the A.T without one blister.It was the first thing I put on every morning ..followed by a good marino wool sock and then a good none water proof trailrunning shoe. I hiked in rain and in heat..I was doing 25 to 30 miles a day..and rain or shine ..this combo with Body Glide leading the way saved me from the ugly and painful discomfort so many of my fellow hikers ran into…I will finish up the trail this year..and when I do ..Body Glide will be with me and on my hikes hopefully to come..thank you

I’m very new to running and have had issues with chafing on my longer training runs. Some of my experienced runner friends recommended that I try Body Glide but I never gave it much thought. I just recently completed my very first marathon and when I went to pick up my race packet I saw they had your product. I figured what the hell and bought it. I’m now your biggest fan and will never run without it. I only wish I’d discovered the “new” chafing areas I had after my race so I wouldn’t have been as sore as I was. I just wanted to say thank you and I will never run again without Glide!

Body Glide does wonders for me! I am so stoked I discovered this product recently. You can’t even compare this to other protective skincare products, its like apples and oranges! My bicycle is a Surly Troll touring bike and I just finished up cycling in Spain and parts of Africa, I would cycle between 50-80 miles a day depending on weather and elevation climb. My next cycling adventure starts August 5th from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska down to Ushuaia, Argentina and I will most definitely be glided by Body Glide Protective Skincare!

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