Let Body Glide
work for you.

Work doesn’t stop for blisters, chafing or clothes/gear that rubs you the wrong way. Body Glide balms create a protective barrier between your skin and skin rubbing irritants (clothing, shoes, skin on skin, gear, straps) to keep you chafe and blister free.
Our long lasting formulas go on easy, never feel wet or greasy, are clothing, footwear, and gear safe. Best of all… they work!

Leave Nothing to Chance™

Leave Nothing to Chance™


Real Stories from
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I cycle long distances, over 100km over several days. This product is by far the best I have used. I love it. It has an nice feeling going on, it goes on well and its stays.

I have used Bodyglide for over 15yrs. I have to use it everyday for the work I do. If I don’t have it I’m hurting with in a hour. Great stuff!

Both my husband and I use this. We love bodyglide!! Living in hot sweaty Florida and being active, bodyglide is a must have item in our bathroom. My husband also uses it for work. This is one product we can’t run out of!

I recently came back from a pilgrimage in Spain (The Way of Saint James) where I’ve walked 900 km (560 miles) in 30 days. I have used your product every day (which when I got it seemed too small and I thought it wouldn’t be suffiecient, but I even had some left after 30 days).
I must say I was one of the few people that didn’t get ANY blisters. When everybody asked me what’s my secret I said loud and clear FOOT GLIDE by Body Glide. 🙂

I will use your product forever and reccomend it to EVERYONE!!!
Down side is that I’m from Croatia and it can’t be bought here so I had my friend from the States bring it to me and I’ll have to have her bring me few sticks next come she visits.
All and all BEST PRODUCT EVER!!! You don’t even feel like you have anything, it’s not greasy (like vaseline that other people used on the pilgrimage), you need to apply only a small amount…just perfect!!!


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