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I have had chafing under my breasts for years until I started using ‘for her body glide’. This product is a life saver for me and the only one I’ll use now!! I love how it is rich in vitamins A, B, E and F! Keeps my skin soft and healthy with all-day protection and made in the USA!! Thank you for a great product! A very happy customer!


A few years ago, every time I would wear shorts or dresses, it was so painful that I started to hate summer. I started to hate showing my legs or wearing anything that would allow my thighs to touch because I knew it would come with burning pain. I’m about a size 10 or 12, got thick thighs from my mama and playing water polo and at the time didn’t even know ‘chub rub’ was a thing. I tried some home remedies but they did not work much at all. I bought Body glide (the medium size) on a whim because I was dying wearing pants everyday and figured even if it didn’t work it was worth the try… but I kid you not — it has made my life so much better. It feels a little sticky at first when you put it on, but after a few minutes you forget its there and you can frolic as much as you like. I can wear shorts and dresses again and I can focus my energy on learning to love my thighs as they are instead of hating them because of the amount of pain they bring. I would 100% buy again (but honestly one stick has lasted me for like two years now and I think it’s got quite a bit of life in it, so I don’t know when I’d need to). The only issue I’ve had was that the plastic of the bottom section cracked because I dropped it or it got squished somehow, but I taped it back together and the dial still works fine.


Discovered Foot Glide after I developed some blisters on the back of my heels after taking up jogging. Never got a blister again after I started using the product. The stuff works!


My fiance works in construction and his inner thighs would chafe even when he wore Vaseline so I decided to look around and came across body glide. I ordered and he loved it. Always wears it work now and lasts him his whole shift. I am very pleased and it’s an amazing price. I recommend and so does my fiance.


Gave this product a try for long distance running as an alternative to my usual Body Glide stick. Used as directed and have experienced failure and chafing all times this product was used on different areas: waistband of tights, sports bra band, and feet. I live in a temperate climate where high humidity is not an issue. Disappointed in this particular product. Will be going back to the trusty blue Body Glide stick which has never let me down.

Jessica Dicus

This stuff is amazing!!! I was getting terrible stinging irritation all around my mouth from my mask. Two days after I started using Face Glide the irritation was GONE!!! I now use it anytime I have to wear my mask for more than a few minutes! I just ordered two more so I can have extras on hand! I cannot praise this product enough!


I just wanted to come check out the website and send a note to say body glide has changed my life! I always had awful chafing and when my favorite shorts were discontinued, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to run any more. I tried body glide and now I can run in any shorts pain free! I am so thankful and have been telling all my girlfriends- this is truly a miracle for me 🙂 thank you!!!

Michael Hilliard

Works very well. I would just like to see it in a Chapstick style applicator.

Simon Williams

During a 10 hour shift at the hospital the only parts of my body that can’t get a break are my face and ears due to the relentless pressure and sheer of my N95 face mask. To get even 5% relief from the daily damage inflicted would have been enough for me to praise Face Glide as the second coming of Jesus Christ.  Thankfully Face Glide does an even better job than that. One liberal application across the bridge of my nose, cheeks, and behind my ears lasts an entire shift and I have gone from rubbing my face for 30 minutes after work to rejuvenate the feeling in my face to a splash of water in my eyes. The difference is remarkable. Remarkable to the point that I immediately completely forgot my mask had been such as an uncomfortable daily issue for the previous 5 weeks. One small thing less to be concerned about but a huge weight lifted in terms of daily comfort.

As an almost unexpected bonus using Face Glide over the interior of googles or glasses provides a significant anti fog protection that again lasts me an entire shift. When I was pushing covid patients in their beds for 2 hours last thursday I was sweating up a storm but my goggles didn’t fog up as I wasn’t able to wipe them down if they did so I was eternally grateful for that advantage. 

Using face Glide is one positive outcome to look forward to at work every day.

Allan Kaplan

The amount in each product was like a sample size and found that misleading


Best darn anti-chafe / anti-itch stick anywhere ! Hands down ! Thankyou BODY GLYDE !

Jeffrey Paolino

The absolute best product to prevent blisters on your feet. I have completed 2 Tough Ruck marathons and my training is an average or 26-30miles per session. I am so impressed with the Foot Glide product and will continue to use it for future training and races.

Thank you!!

Darby Sheehan

Health care worker in a Retirement/Assisted Living Facility and was having serious issues with long term mask usage and my very sensitive skin. The problems kept getting worse. Luckily I stumbled on your product after googling about skin sensitivity and masks.
Ordered 3 tubes and it extraordinary product. Wished I could have purchased some for everyone at work but budget prohibited. My skin is not chaffed or irritated since I began using the product. Here in Western Massachusetts, we are experiencing high levels of infection so hours long use of masks is necessary.
Thank you a convenient, compact package and a wonderful product. The incredible quick shipping was an extra gift! ❤️❤️❤️

Jean Faulk

Thank you so much for this product. I am 72, overweight, and currently going through chemo for cancer. I have chemo every other week. On the weeks I have chemo the skin under my breasts and belly where the skin rubs together would develop painful sores. My daughter heard about your product and sent me some. Since I have been using Body Glide, I have had no painful sores develop after my chemo treatment. I have now undergone 3 chemo treatments with painful sores after and 3 chemo treatments using Body Glide with no sores at all. I still have 6 treatments to go and I expect them all to painful sore free. Thank you again for your product. I just wanted you to know that it helps more than exercise afficianados. I pray other cancer patients on chemo will discover this product and it will help them as much as it has helped me. God bless you!

Travis h

I have used this product for several years long distance running. Its clean not messy or greasy feeling. My inner thighs will rub skin to skin and get incredibly painful rashes. Without this product i could not do the mileage I do. If you have any rubbing issues and havent tried this product. Just try it…

Erin M.

I just wanted to write a quick note about our first and forever experience with Body Glide. We recently went on a week long trip to Disney in Florida. I am a member of several Facebook planning groups and Body Glide came HIGHLY recommended. I was hesitant, but knew we would need something to help keep the fire at bay. Myself, my husband and our 13 year old son used Body Glide religiously every single day. I cannot imagine our trip without having it!! I admit I was a skeptic, but it saved our trip! No rash, no chafe, no burning!! You have created a top notch product and we plan to ALWAYS have it on hand and recommend it to everyone we know!!


Hello Foot Glide

I just wanted to share that I used your fantastic product for my training and climbing for Mount Kilimanjaro and it was absolutley a life saver.

Congratulations to you and your team for developing a great product.

With thanks


Hello body glide,
I love your product! It helps me to wear shorts and not have my thighs chafe but the real problem I had was that the packaging is really kid of cheap in a way. The plastic lid of my body chafe stick broke and cracked apart so now mine doesn’t have a lid anymore but otherwise a great product. Maybe using a bit thicker plastic for the lid would help this problem. Nice product though👍


Just wanted to send an e-mail to state that body glide anti blister and chafing balm is THE BEST PRODUCT EVER !!!!!! I have large breast and have suffered horribly from rash a blisters– so bad that I had to seek medical attention, not anymore. I have enjoyed this summer with no problems at all–thanks to this product. Once again thank you –Laura


I used to wear stilettos all the time for work and going out. Until I rolled my ankle several times walking my crazy schnauzer that pulls in every direction and now my foot swells randomly with regular shoes and always when I wear heels. Doesn’t hurt, just swells up like a balloon. I’ve used Foot Glide a half dozen times so far and not only can I tolerate heels again, it helps keep the swelling down to at least half the normal amount and for twice as long. I’ve used other products that prevent blisters and chafing and they worked ok, but not great, and definitely don’t keep my swelling down too. Let’s face it…some of us do marathons and athleticy things but more of us wear impractical shoes because it makes us look pretty. I’m here to tell you don’t you fret anymore my swollen ankle comrade. There’s a pair of stilettos waiting for you in the closet.


Hello Body Glide,

We have mild number of technicians (22) within the company at our location that recently come across your product and have fell in love with using it. We are located in a warehouse without climate control and this summer has been very humid and muggy. It started with 1 and now all have recently bought your product to use. The humor from the made up slogans that they throw back and forth over our two way radios are hilarious. I just want to write to let you that you have a great product.


Hey there!

I just wanted to reach out to you guys and let you know that your product literally saved my first section hike!  I started chafing on the second day and seriously thought my hike was going to be over. I applied Body Glide that night and morning and i literally NEVER had any further problems. Thank you so much for creating a product that actually works and thank you so much for saving my section hike! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am currently on vacation In Florida and it is hot. We come here every summer and usually by day two I am so chafed in my thighs that I can’t walk. Not this year. I tried Body Glide for Her and we are now on day 6 and not one problem. Thanks for changing the way I vacation.


Hello! My name is Elizabeth and I just recently got back from a trip to China. I’m pretty curvy so I, of course, brought my body glide with me. (When you’re curvy, body glide is a traveling essential.) While on the trip we spent a day climbing the great wall, and because I knew there would be a lot of pictures taken, I dressed nicer and decided to wear a pair of jean shorts. I had accepted the fact that my legs would be extremely chafed and in pain after wearing those shorts all day and went on to climb the wall. After walking about two miles down the wall and two miles back, almost completely uphill one way and climbing hundreds of stairs I realized that my legs had not chafed at all. I had spent the whole day walking in jean shorts and didn’t reapply the chafing balm at all during the day and there were no signs of any chafing on my legs. Your product is by far the best product I have found for chafing and has saved my legs from the pain of chafing. Thank you so much for this amazing product!

Melissa Robinson

I was so excited to get this product especially since it was considered allergen free. It contains Almond Oil even though almonds are one of the top 8 food allergies. Some people with a tree nut allergy aren’t allergic to external oils, but I am. This should not be advertised as “hypoallergenic” and “allergen free” multiple times on the packaging. It simply shows the absolute disregard the company has for the health of its users. I’m glad I read the ingredients and avoided hospitalization.

Body Glide


Thank you for your comment. In response to the questions about the almond oil used and why we call it hypoallergenic:
Please note that our products are tested in independent, certified labs.
1. The almond oil we use is expeller pressed/refined.
a. This means it is intentionally overheated to expel material that could potentially trigger an allergic reaction.
2. All tests to determine the presence of allergens are negative
3. The volume used is a tiny percentage (which also reduces the potential for an allergic reaction).
Please let us know if you have any questions. You can reach us at info@bodyglide.com.


Who would think a stick could solve a problem? THIS PRODUCT WORKS!! My inner thighs rubbed on my pants and would just burn. This stopped the irritation. And don’t buy a fake product by someone else (which I did). It didn’t work.


Hi there,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you body glide. As a curvy women my things have always touched. The chaffing that would occur in the summer would limit me to wearing spandex under my dresses and never shorts shorter than Bermuda style. I was so self conscious that my dress was sticking to my hidden shorts I never felt comfortable but going without them would mean a painful week after. Your product literally CHANGED MY LIFE. I can go out feeling confident, sexy and loving what I’m wearing. Since using your product I have also told many people about this success seeing that they see how happy I am. Now they are enjoying their day to day chaff free as well. I cannot thank you enough for making this product.

Taryn Macintyre

I just started using Body Glide For Her a few weeks ago and am ABSOLUTELY loving the results! I was a victim of thigh chafing during Texas summers and sports bra irritation. The stick is so easy to use, protects my skin for my entire run, and I don’t have chafing/searing pain in post run showers. So, that’s a win for me!


Really amazing product!! Love it

Maya Hunt

I got Body Glide off of Amazon instead of directly from the website, but I wanted to express on the website how happy I am with the product. I have extremely thick thighs, and I have never been able to wear dresses or skirts or shorts without getting huge rashes and blisters from the chaffing, so I’ve always worn tights or leggings underneath (which gets too warm in the Summer). I can now proudly say I am regularly wearing shorts and skirts and dresses now that I have Body Glide. Thank you so much for saving my thighs from the pain, and restoring my confidence to be able to wear the clothes I want to without worrying about chaffing. My boyfriend loves seeing me in shorts, and now he gets to see me in shorts all the time. Thank you.


I walked the Camino De Santiago and completed 230 miles blister free! I owe it all to this product and I recommend spreading it on my feet twice a day during my trip. I highly recommend!


Found it on a military base and used it for years in marching band and other activities! Works Great


simply AWESOME. Until I started using body glide always had problem with blisters on feet and callouses, not anymore always have it in my running bag.

Esther M.

Being a competitive cyclist, I spend many hours on the saddle. I got accustomed to frequent saddle sores. This product saves me! It works, and it doesn’t have a gross greasy liquidy texture that all the other saddle sore products have.

Valisha D.

I used Body Glide when I’m going out to the store and sitting around the house. I needed to buy a product that help with moisturizing my chafed skin under and between my breast. I have been using this product for two weeks now and my dryness, peeling skin, discoloration is clearing up slowing. Only one complaint I have it does not stop you from sweating. I feels greasy to the touch, I am a plus size woman and I wear a 46DD cup bra. I bought this product to stop myself from sweating and my skin from chaffing on my breasts. I plan to continue to use this in the future because it works. Thanks BODY GLIDE!

James F Alexander, PhD

I’m an old guy with old skin (etc) to go with it. However my Cardiologist says outdoor cycling and indoor Spinning are the very best ways to work at different levels, monitor HR etc, and use the major muscle groups to best support cardiac functioning and circulation. Unfortunately very much of that sort of thing can create chafing etc problems on feet, groin, and wherever cycling bibs can irritate. Body Glide has been, for me, close enough of a “life savor” that I’ll use that term – Body Glide has been a “life savor” for me. It improves my “quality of life” vis-a-vis cycling that allows me to do so much more, and enjoy it more to boot! I highly recommend Body Glide for any cyclist what has struggled with this aspect of our great sport.

Elizabeth Gray

I can not say how much I like this product. I don’t like to wear socks but love to walk. Usually end up with blisters and end up with bandaids all over my feet. This product is amazing. I intentionally tried it out on a pair of shoes that I knew rubbed in on spot. Walked 2 miles before I started to feel it. Back to buy a travel size so I can reapply. Thank you for giving me the freedom of walking again.


This is an awesome, very effective product. I found Glide in my favorite running store and purchased on a humble. I’ve used on high friction areas, like my inner thighs and chest area under my sports bra. However most recently I got two serious blisters on both feet and decided to use Glide the next day on my 10 mile run. I knew it would be risky because I could worsen the existing blisters. Fortunately, no issue and continued to use until it was completely healed – so the protection was awesome. I think I had on ill-fitting socks, because I did not have a re-occurrence, but it’s nice to know if needed, Glide is there. I will note, while I used Glide directly on the feet blisters – the skin was NOT broken so I was comfortable apply it directly where needed. In fact I think the protection was so great, the skin never broken and it just swiveled and peeled away. Highly recommend!


Review: I was skeptical…but oh so tired of dreading my trip to the beach where I always end up with an under arm rash due to my wet bathing suit. I decided to give this product a try and it is worth every dime! No under arm rash! I still can’t believe it. I have both the lotion in the tube and the solid that looks like a deodorant. I will definitely purchase again as needed.


Works well enough compared to other products I’ve tried. Smell is very neutral and not unpleasant. Reason I gave it a 4 is it appears to have stained a few of my exercise clothes. Obviously no one is inspect my undergarments but I still didn’t care for that.


Glide is excellent to stop blisters and chafing. I love to hike and I was very impressed from Glides performance. I did not get blisters or have any chafing – the fact that I only had to apply once was a big plus.

Joan Hendershot Miller

Great product…easy to get on backs of legs etc.

Marshall King

I want to say that body glide was part one of a 3 part system that allowed me to hike 1400 miles of the A.T without one blister.It was the first thing I put on every morning ..followed by a good marino wool sock and then a good none water proof trailrunning shoe. I hiked in rain and in heat..I was doing 25 to 30 miles a day..and rain or shine ..this combo with Body Glide leading the way saved me from the ugly and painful discomfort so many of my fellow hikers ran into…I will finish up the trail this year..and when I do ..Body Glide will be with me and on my hikes hopefully to come..thank you

Dana Ciccarelli

Used this product while attending a three day huge trade show in Vegas. each morning i applied it to my feet at the places that i knew that day’s shoes would rub. At the end of the day no rubbing. No blisters. Happy Feet! Now i use it every day at work when i know i’ll be on my feet a lot. Love this product for every day use.

Betsy Raiford

Without a doubt this is the best foot product I have ever used. That little purple roll on saved my feet. I recently spent 15 days on El Camino. I was concerned about blisters as I have never hiked without developing any. I had NO blisters during the entire time. Several in my group were not so fortunate. Thank you for such a great product. I have recommended Foot to family and friends.


I was having a lot of ongoing trouble with blisters in 2 spots on my right foot when I work out. I tried Vaseline, seamless socks, band-aids – pretty much everything and nothing worked. The blisters would heal and new ones would develop. I’m so glad I found Body Glide Foot! It has made such a difference – I apply it before getting ready for the gym or walk and have no irritation or blisters. I am so glad I thought to check out this product.


Arrived today, and used immediately so I could wear my favorite denim shorts without any problems. Worked great! Walked around all day running errands and such and no rubbing occurred! Not to mention I live in the midwest and chose the free shipping at checkout late Thursday night, and it was already here from WA by Saturday morning! Great product and service! Definitely buying again!


This stuff works awesome. I work construction and laugh at guys pulling powder out of their lunch bag to sooth groin area chaffing during the day. Put this stuff on in the morning when your getting ready for work, just like with your deodorant, and your good all day! Been using this for over 5 years, no more chaffing, ingrown hairs, or boils. Total quality of life change for the better!

Denise Tarento

I apply “Relief” on my calves, ankles and feet (especially the toes) while I am having cramps in those areas and the cramp disappears almost instantaneously. It should be called MIRACLE RELIEF. I’ve recommended to my friends and neighbors and we now all swear by this product. Denise T.


Amazing product! Bought this out of curiosity and will keep buying it because it really works! I often had to wear shorts in the summer which only adds bulk and makes me even hotter. With this product, I no longer need to do so.


I cycle long distances, over 100km over several days. This product is by far the best I have used. I love it. It has an nice feeling going on, it goes on well and its stays.

Tom Jennings

I’m very new to running and have had issues with chafing on my longer training runs. Some of my experienced runner friends recommended that I try Body Glide but I never gave it much thought. I just recently completed my very first marathon and when I went to pick up my race packet I saw they had your product. I figured what the hell and bought it. I’m now your biggest fan and will never run without it. I only wish I’d discovered the “new” chafing areas I had after my race so I wouldn’t have been as sore as I was. I just wanted to say thank you and I will never run again without Glide!


I am very active and have always struggled with blisters on my ankles/feet. It can be extremely annoying and I have used medical tape, duct tape, band aids etc. to try to alleviate this in the past. They all work for a while, but I inevitably end up with a blister. I decided to give the Body Glide Original Anti-Chafe Balm a try and I picked up stick at an REI about a month ago. I have been using it ever since and I have not had one blister where i applied the balm. This stuff is awesome and I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone that has to deal with blisters/chafing, thanks Body Glide!


We love the way it does not run into our eyes when we are working outside!! We also like how it keeps our faces from looking like old leather.


This stuff is seriously amazing. I walk a LOT at work. Thanks to Body Glide, I have never had an issue with chafing (since I started using it, before it was absolutely horrible!)


I love this product. I started using it after reading a review on a runner’s blog and this stick works tiny miracles on my body. Last thursday I forgot to use it on a 5mile (short) run and immediatly my skin got torn open by my sportsbra. So…Today as I run the biggest event in running (Dam-tot-Damloop 10 miles) in Europe I will definately not forget to use this amazing little miracle worker. Love this balm. Go buy it if you haven’t already. You won’t regret it.

Liz Heller

I bought this right before summer started and it was the best choice I could’ve made. It works great. It works when I wear jeans, dresses, and shorts. Luv it.


I recently came back from a pilgrimage in Spain (The Way of Saint James) where I’ve walked 900 km (560 miles) in 30 days. I have used your product every day (which when I got it seemed too small and I thought it wouldn’t be suffiecient, but I even had some left after 30 days).
I must say I was one of the few people that didn’t get ANY blisters. When everybody asked me what’s my secret I said loud and clear FOOT GLIDE by Body Glide. 🙂

I will use your product forever and reccomend it to EVERYONE!!!
Down side is that I’m from Croatia and it can’t be bought here so I had my friend from the States bring it to me and I’ll have to have her bring me few sticks next come she visits.
All and all BEST PRODUCT EVER!!! You don’t even feel like you have anything, it’s not greasy (like vaseline that other people used on the pilgrimage), you need to apply only a small amount…just perfect!!!


I am a landscaper and injured my back. This product worked great for helping me get through the day as well as brought relief at night to sleep.
Works better than Icy Hot as it contains more menthol.
It also actually brought more relief than taking three Advil.


I have used Bodyglide for over 15yrs. I have to use it everyday for the work I do. If I don’t have it I’m hurting with in a hour. Great stuff!


This stuff really works! I put it on my inner thighs before a run. I’ve only used it for runs up to 6 miles, but I haven’t had to deal with my thighs rubbing together, chafing, and burning when I used it. Plus it ships fast and will last a long time. Highly recommend!


Both my husband and I use this. We love bodyglide!! Living in hot sweaty Florida and being active, bodyglide is a must have item in our bathroom. My husband also uses it for work. This is one product we can’t run out of!

John Lente

I’m running every day in August to raise money to fight military veteran unemployment and there’s no way I would be able to do it without Skin. No guy likes to talk about chafing in “hard to reach places” but it’s an unfortunate reality for some of us. I’m running 3-6 miles every day and with Skin Glide I have no blisters, no chafing, and no discomfort from friction.

Tyson Pitts

Body Glide does wonders for me! I am so stoked I discovered this product recently. You can’t even compare this to other protective skincare products, its like apples and oranges! My bicycle is a Surly Troll touring bike and I just finished up cycling in Spain and parts of Africa, I would cycle between 50-80 miles a day depending on weather and elevation climb. My next cycling adventure starts August 5th from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska down to Ushuaia, Argentina and I will most definitely be glided by Body Glide Protective Skincare!

Kari Hodgson

I emailed the company to see if this product was safe for young children. My 5 year old gets rashes from skin chafing and her bathing suit rashes her chest. The CEO promptly emailed me back and also offered other kind resolutions, as well as advised me on the product.

I bought the Body Glide from Sports Authority, and my swim happy 5 year and runner husband are both enjoying the product! It has worked for us, so far this summer! My 5 year old even applies by herself, and travels with it in her pool bag!

So glad we can swim and run without the chafing pain any longer! Thanks!


I cannot say enough good things about this product. After an initial weekend at our local pool which resulted in painful rashes all over my 3 year old son’s legs, I thought to use Glide as a means to prevent further rashes.

I bought the large size, and apply to his legs (and actually part of his back and stomach as well) prior to long pool days, and hoped it would prevent some irritation at the sandy beach for our vacation.
Well, not only did the Glide prevent “some” irritation at the beach, but my little guy didn’t have one issue – not one ounce of redness on his skin. After being told to cut the liners out of his swimsuits and watching him play all day in the sand and saltwater, all it took was one coat of the Glide in the morning before the beach and he was totally protected!! His suits were intact, no cutting out of liners at all. I was more than pleased, I was elated. I suggested the product for my nephews who have similar issues at the beach – they just returned from their vacation as happy as I was!
Honestly, not only was my son protected, his skin is the softest it has ever been and I haven’t used ANY other lotion or moisturizer on him all summer!

My expectations were exceeded buy Body Glide – such a fabulous product!

Ski Light

This stuff works Great

Michelle Cruz

I saw this product in Essence Magazine and was really excited because I have been searching for a product that can help my thigh area. Once I purchased it, I gave it a try. I put it on in the morning right before I put on a dress for work. IT LASTED ALL DAY UNTIL I TOOK A SHOWER! It was the perfect amount of moisture and smoothness. I have recommended this product to women in my office after a discussion on thigh rub and how us as women can sometimes be embarrassed to even express it’s a natural problem of ours. I cannot wait for them to try it and tell me what they think!

Kevin Dee

I’m an avid hunter and all around large guy ,I do sweat and chaf alot when im in the woods of wearing jeans .
I heard about your product from a friend of mine who is an Arborist and he lives by Glide so I said ill try it
Wow this product has mpade me soo much more comfortable in the woods or at work.
Thank You GLIDE
Kevin Dee
Your average guy


This is the best anti chafing product I’ve ever tried! I finally am not afraid to shower after a long run with this product and I can finally wear shorts in the hot weather after applying this product. Ordering the large one now!


This is without a doubt, the best product ever. It literally has changed my summer months. I don’t have to wear anything under my skirts and can exercise with less clothing on. I say how great this product is like once a day. It’s worth every penny.

Lawton Au-Yong

I play ice hockey 3+ times a week and my hands get a beating from the rough hockey gloves. Thanks to this amazing product now I don’t need to rely on medicated cream/lotion to get the job done.


I wear men’s unbi-furcated garments. I wear kilts 90% of the time.
People ask about the winters and cold weather.
The summers are more difficult for the kilt wearer.
This was an excellent find 5 years ago!
Once my wife found out what I was using it for, she joined in.
Great product.

Tom Merritt

I was introduced to Body Glide back in 2002 once I first started picking up running again back in Houston,Texas when I had nipple chafing from hell. Almost 11 years later and now in Oxford, United Kingdom I don’t think my nipples would exist without it! 🙂

There are essential items everyone needs for running: Good shoes, good socks, good routes and good chafing prevention. Body Glide is the way to go. If I had to import the stuff from the US I would. Body Glide has saved many body parts from blisters and bleeding from the tons of training runs and multitudes of races. Stop thinking about it and buy the stuff, it’s cheaper than you think and the amount of pain and suffering it prevents is worth 10x the amount of what you pay. This testimonial is the least I can do to say thanks for great product! Cheers!!!