Whether new to running or experienced. We get that.

Going on 20 years, Body Glide is essential, and trusted by more runners for our proprietary, unsurpassed formulas to help save your feet from blisters, chafing in the thighs, runner’s nipple, painful irritation from sports bras, and wherever skin rubs skin. Unlike wet, greasy lotions, salves and jellies, Body Glide® anti-blister, anti-chafing balms are not greasy or messy. They are clean, dry and provide hours of lasting protection, helping you run better.


You never know when a hot spot under foot will flare up, or when a sports bra, shorts or something else will rub you the wrong way. Body Glide® is personal insurance on every run. Our balms are resistant to perspiration and water. They stand-up to heat, humidity and cold. They help lubricate dry skin. They work.


Body Glide formulas go on invisibly without the fly-away mess of powders or wet, goopy consistency of creams, and they wash off with mild soap. The ingredients are natural, plant-based. No lanolin or animal products. No animal testing. No mineral oil or petroleum (petrolatum) that ruins clothing or wetsuits.


You shouldn’t have to stop and reapply your skin protection, and with Body Glide®, you won’t. Our formulas stay where you apply them for hours of protection from rubbing that causes mild irritation, chafing, blisters and torn skin. Starting out, training for distance, or running a marathon, with Body Glide, you’re covered.

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