Summer is here and temps are rising. You want to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather – going on a run or jog or just being out and about with friends for a fun day in the sun. But when you get home and take off your shorts or pants you’re greeted with a red splotchy sight that makes you cringe in pain. The stinging red area between your inner thighs is caused by chafing and it’s a problem all too many of us know and expect. But how do you treat inner thigh chafing and why does it happen in the first place?

Why Does It Occur?

Chafing, especially inner thigh chafing occurs when the skin between your thighs or groin rubs against skin or clothing. With each subsequent rub, the friction builds and builds causing small tears and damage along the skin’s surface. It becomes more prominent during warmer weather and exercise because your skin is sweating, and when you sweat – tiny amounts of salt are excreted from your skin. This salt only serves to add more friction to the skin’s surface causing even more damage, which can eventually lead to red, swollen, & sometimes even bloodied skin.

How Do I treat Inner Thigh Chafing?

Many solutions are thrown around in regards to preventing inner thigh chafing: special moisture-wicking underwear (expensive and may not work for everyone), petroleum jelly (sticky and known to cause stains in clothing), baby powder (can clump up and effectiveness wears out throughout the day). Even the best of these solutions don’t address the root of the problem – FRICTION. Providing a protective barrier for the skin and keeping the skin smooth & moisturized is the only true way to prevent inner thigh chafing.

Body Glide®’s line of specially formulated anti-chafing products are used by top athletes to prevent thigh chafing during marathons and triathlons around the world. Long lasting and gentle for even the most sensitive skin, Body Glide® balms prevent inner thigh chafing and can even be used as a salve for already chafed skin. Find the Body Glide® product that is perfect for you today!

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