Severe Chafing Treatment

Whether you live or work in hot, humid environments or exercise frequently, everyone at some point or another has experienced chafing. But sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances or neglect, light chafing can develop into something much more severe. So, what is the proper and correct way to treat severe chafing? Read our how to treat severe chafing guide to see recommendations from our anti-chafing experts!

How to Treat Severe Chafing:


Rinse off the affected area with warm water and a mild non-astringent soap while cleaning the chafed area using a soft and gentle motion then pat dry thoroughly, while taking care to not irritate the skin further. This gives you a clean area to work with which is important in keeping infections and more irritants away from the affected area.


Moisturize the affected are with a gentle moisturizer and softly massage into the skin. Allow to air dry. Using an all natural or organic moisturizer will work to heal skin quicker and alleviate any further irritation. Keeping the skin moisturized helps protect it from drying out and making your skin more susceptible to further cracking and irritation.


Take care of the affected area. Severe chafing can lead to infections very easily so keeping the area under constant care is of the utmost importance. Take measures that will avoid further irritating the chafing wound. Continued irritation of the area will cause more pain and could possibly lead to infections especially in hot or humid weather conditions. If you see no changes or your severe chafing seems to be getting, well, more severe, consult a healthcare professional as you may need an antibiotic, or medicinal ointment if your skin is infected. 


Stop chafing before it starts with Body Glide® balms. Body Glide®’s line of skin protectant balms like Body, For Her & Skin Glide are specially formulated to protect your skin from chafing. Severe chafing on thighs, buttocks, underarms, nipples, groin area can all be avoided when using Body Glide® products- just one application lasts all day and helps keep you safe and protected from severe chafing.

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